Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sensory Bin for March

I know I have been behind with our break and then with life demanding more of me than I want to give lol... However better late than never!

For the month of March this is our Sensory Bin or as we call it
"Our Fun Box"...

Ok, so whats in there you ask?? 

Colored rice (yes I did it and wow it was simple)
Glittery clovers
Slick clover beads (Zac loves the feel of this type of bead)
Gold coins (not candy)
2 little Rainbow Buttons
ABC beads

The kids look so forward to knowing what the box is for the month, I am so glad I started this in February. I let them have 15 mins with it 3 times a week and even Kyle, my oldest really loves playin with it. I have a tray that sits on top of the bin with a few different tools. Measuring cups, spoons of different sizes, tweezers and small medicine cup.

Its wonderful for fine motor skills! Doesn't seem to matter the age either! My husband really cracked me up this month. After I added the rice to the tub I found him playing with the rice!!!!!!!! So it doesn't matter what age!! Just have fun with it!!


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