Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2 Break(last week)

This week is week 2 of our break. We have been very laid back on our break. No plans this week until Friday. Friday we will go to the state zoo and we have been looking so forward to this for a month! Kids are very excited! Just hope the weather is nice!! It will take us about 2 and half hours one way so pray for our trip this week please! We had fun last night - We went to the local Skate Ring to play, the kids haven't been in almost a year so it was shaky at first but they soon was on there feet lol.

I will post school plans some time this week for our next 8 weeks.

I have many materials coming this week. All About Reading should be here along with AAS level 3. Also ordered some rock/geology items from various places. My Dover order actually come Saturday!! Their books are so awesome!

I am left with needing something this 8 weeks for English/Language. I am leaning toward First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, however I have many mixed feelings about this since I am straying from the way I have always taught. Praying God will help me make a decision!!

Hope everyone has been doing well. Since no school this last week I have been trying to spend time with the kids if not working, so I honestly haven't been on the computer much. I have missed you guys! Missed reading all your wonderful posts, however my craziness will start back on the 14th lol...

Happy Monday All.



  1. Happy break, Kayla! I'm not sure what lesson of First Language Lessons you're thinking about, but I have used Level 1 and 2 (approx 1st/2nd grade) and have enjoyed the gentle approach to Language Arts. The lessons are short with some repetition and include some creative aspects. Everything is "scripted" so you just read through the lesson. My youngest son will start it next year. (His sister already went through it.)


  2. Neat Jessy have you used all the levels? Or did you stop after the first 2? XOXO

  3. Enjoy your break:) we were suppose to have a break last week but my husbans' work cancel his leave so couldn't take the time off. Hoping he gets his leave soon so we can have a bit of family time. Thanks for linking up to NOBH


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