Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 27

This week I hope goes smoother than last week, I can honestly say that I think the completion of some of or subjects has been a bad thing! Never thought I would say that however we are going to focus on more Science/History Topics this half of the year. The first half was a large focus on Math, Phonics & Language Mechanics. So I think with this new focus it will be great. I am trying to still adjust to some of our life changes, You will learn I am not good with anything that disturbs my routine or life. It always throws me for a loop, So please friends pray for me. I am determined to get back on track this week. I however feel that out of all year long this is the best time for me to be weak. The reason for that is because we have completed so much of our yearly work and we are able to be more flexible now. So God knew all along what he was doing, I just have to understand that!

Hope you all have a wonderful school week!! I love you all and I promise I will get back posting daily!

Our large Unit Study for the whole 8 weeks is Geology. So this week we will start learning all kinds of rocks! Daily reading will be on this subject all week.

Bible Verse: F - For the wages of sin is death, but the gift is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom 6:23

Read Aloud: Soft Rain ( A story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears) One reason why I choose this book this week was because I just helped Kevin complete some of his history and in doing so we learned more of the the reasons behind the Trail of Tears and I thought since Kyle just learned of Lewis & Clark this would fit in wonderfully!

Draw Write Now - Book 6

Tuesday Friend Meet: Character Study

Math - We are using Math Mammoth sheets since MUS is complete.
AAS3 - Step 1
AAH - Not sure how the pace of this will go just yet...
Mad Libs
Cursive Copy Work(Farm Life)
Since our break Kyle has 1 letter to write to his pen pal this week.
Daily Reading (topic rocks/minerals)

Math - Using Math Mammoth sheets since MUS is complete.
AAS3 - Step 1
AAH - Same as Kyle, not sure the pace of this just yet...
Copy Work(Farm Life) Just workin to improve appearance.
Lexi has 1 pen pal letters to write also.
Daily Reading (topic rocks/minerals)

Math - Math Mammoth and other worksheets since MUS is complete.
AAS1 - Step 1
AAR Pre - Step 1 - 5
Copy Work (Farm Life) trying to get neater looking words.
Zac needs to write to pen pal.
Working on money still & reviewing time!


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