Thursday, April 21, 2011

All About Reading Update

Zachary loved Ziggy from our freebies. Read about earlier posts here. 

So this is week 3 using the product and I can say how wonderful he STILL loves it. I was concerned that he wouldn't enjoy it after the "new" wore off, however I am pleasantly surprised how he still is in love with Ziggy!!

He enjoys listening to the silly short stories on cd that I got for free during the first week release! Free and he loves it. That can't get much better.

(Here he is doing the lesson for "C". C was for cookie, cat and cream. He painted the cookie with finger paint then took black paint with an eraser and made it a chocolate chip cookie. He really enjoyed playing with the finger paint.)

I love how he is happy about learning thew this program. My olders love All About Spelling from the same publisher. I just worry that with this we are going to move along faster than most because of his age and he already knows his ABC's. My worry is that they will not release the next level when I am needing it. So I am trying to make sure I am incorporate everything I can with the lessons. The lessons are helping him with skills he wasn't used to.  He is doing wonderful with rhyming and its not being "fake" words anymore! He is really using that brain to get to thinkin' of real words!! He is enjoying the 20 mins daily we spend reviewing this subject!

(Yes we really do school on the trampoline.He is doing AAR.)

The overall review for this product is still 5 *****.
My worry with the program is that it will delay me in moving forward because its new and I will be waiting on release of the next levels! I wish that AAR would hurry so I can use this wonderful program with my olders too!

If your interested in this product please go on over here.

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  1. Thank you for posting your reviews with AAR. We are using AAS and I have been reading your reviews about the reading. Thank you for your insights and for sharing on NOBH! :)


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