Monday, April 11, 2011

Daily Trait Writing Evan Moor Review

Timberdoodle is a wonderful company that I am honored to be part of, I have posted 2 other reviews about books from them so far. This is my 3rd and final for a while. This review is again about Evan Moor and the book is Daily Trait Writing Grade 2 from Evan Moor. So this book was geared toward Lexi.
Lexi has issues when it comes to writing. She is still trying to learn how the proper way is. So this book was wonderful to review. It takes it day by day to learn and understand what the parts are to write. I didn't understand what "Trait" writing was... So I went straight to the website to try to learn if this was going to be a problem this is the answer I found: "Trait-based writing is an impressive method educators have developed to determine if a child's writing is skilled or not. The six traits or characteristics that shape quality writing are content; organization; word choice; sentence fluency; voice; and conventions, which include grammar, spelling, and mechanics. It may sound ominous, but Daily 6-Trait Writing has made it effortless." So then I wasn't nearly as worried I was pleased to have it all laid out for me so that it was easy yet she was still going to get a well established writing book to help me teach her the how to's of writing.

This is how the book is laid out:
25 weeks of instruction cover the following trait-based writing skills:

Week 1: Choose a Good Topic
Week 2: Add Details
Week 3: Choose Better Details
Week 4: Stick to the Topic
Week 5: Review

Week 1: Put Things in the Right Order
Week 2: Beginning, Middle, and End
Week 3: Group Together Ideas and Details
Week 4: Group by How Things Are the Same or Different
Week 5: Review

Word Choice
Week 1: Use Strong Verbs
Week 2: Describe the Action
Week 3: Describe People, Places, and Things
Week 4: Use Exact Nouns
Week 5: Review

Sentence Fluency
Week 1: Write a Sentence
Week 2: Write Longer Sentences
Week 3: Fix Run-on and Rambling Sentences
Week 4: Combine Choppy Sentences
Week 5: Review

Voice Week
Week 1: Use Formal and Informal Language
Week 2: Use Different Writing Styles
Week 3: Create a Mood
Week 4: Write from Different Points of View
Week 5: Review

Publisher's Information

Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9781596732872
Publisher: Evan-Moor
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: Yes

So with it all laid out like that -- It makes a lot more sense doesn't it?
With all this I have learned a lot about what the proper steps are in teaching writing too. This book hasn't only been fun and new to her, its been the same way to me!! Homeschool mother's will never now it all so its wonderful when there are wonderful companies like Timberdoodle to help us with top notch books from wonderful publishers!! Find this book and others here  at Timberdoodle!!

** I received this book free for my honest opinion. I am part of the Timberdoodle Blogger Review Team.**



  1. I will have to check this book out. My son has struggled with writing, and this may be an answer to prayer.

    Your blog is featured this week as A Shining Blog. Here is the link: I even made a button for you. If you want to grab it, or wish for a change let me know. lschultz31(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  2. Teaching writing is something I struggle with and this book looks like a great one! I will check it out! Thanks for your great review! Congrats on being featured as a Shining Blog on Lynda's blog and thank you for all your Link ups to NOBH!

  3. Evan Moor has lots of great titles and so many good "review" workbooks.

    Congrats on being featured as a Shining Blog!!


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