Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evan Moor Daily Word Problems Math ~ Review

I am so glad to announce I reviewed this wonderful Evan Moor title threw Timberdoodle. I love all of Evan Moor titles. I have many of their file folder games! Another of my favorites are the How to write books... I am currently teaching my second grader how to write with it.

I have however never used any of the Daily books from them. I was looking for something well rounded. This is totally it!! I will be buying one for all the ages of my children because of how my daughter loves this book. She doesn't like math, so I was very eager to try this with her because its more fun than just our normal math, it was one different for her and two it was based on word problems which I think she enjoys highly!!

Here is details of whats inside:
addition and subtraction facts
multiplication facts
2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping
2-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping
counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
telling time
reading and interpreting graphs and charts

There are 36 week lessons in the book. The book has 112 pages(including an answer key). Each week’s problems are themed on one subject, the subjects are so interesting and real life, making it more interesting I think. Monday through Thursday contain a one- or two-step word problem

Friday’s format is more extensive and may require multiple steps, and may involve a chart or graph. However it ties everything together for the week. I think it helps to build on the topic daily. I think that sparks the interest for her because nothing was changing!

Find this book here. Timberdoddle has it at a wonderful price so please go check it out!! If you have a little one that needs math applied in a different way this book is wonderful for that purpose!!

Overall I love this book and so has Lexi!! It means a lot to me when I am teaching my children something for them to really enjoy it, after all isn't that how REAL learning is suppost to go? I love it when I see them having fun with what I have given them!! This book is helping me do just that!!  



  1. Sounds like a fun product! I just got my Timberdoodle catalog in the mail! LOL


  2. Yeah I just got mine too!! Love their core sets, just pricey! LOL XOXO


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