Friday, April 8, 2011

Evan Moor Review - Daily Geography Grade 3

Timberdoodle is a fantastic company that has a wonderful set of review bloggers that I actually have the honor of being on. I love that company and there wonderful selection. They have the finest selection of homeschool items around all in one place!!

This time I was given another Evan Moor book. You all know how I love Evan Moor. We use lots of things from them daily in our school. However this book was going to be used for Kyle. The title was Daily Geography Grade 3. Until this review I had never tried the "Daily" books from them. However I am hooked now. I love these books I actually think they could be a wonderful curriculum for year round.

Here is a little about what you will find in this book:
36 map lessons introduce basic geography skills and over 100 geography terms.

Lessons on:

Compass roses
Map keys
Map grids and indexes
Map scales
Physical state maps
Road maps
Historical and cultural landmark maps
Population and product maps
Tourist and weather maps
Regions of the United States
Political maps of the United States, North America, and the world

With just fifteen minutes a day your child will become geographically literate. Each of the lessons is correlated to the National Geography Standards and includes a resource page that consists of a statement of the geography standard and skill being addressed, background information and suggestions for introducing the skill, geography vocabulary and definitions, and an answer key for the lesson.

36 weekly lessons each including:

Teacher resource page
Geography vocabulary
Reproducible map
Two geography questions per day
Challenge question
Answer key

Publisher's Information:
Author: Sandi Johnson
Pages: 196
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781557999726
Publisher: Evan-Moor
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: Yes

So over all Kyle has really enjoyed learning from this book. He has trouble staying focused sometimes with his APD however this book gets right to the point with the questions and you spend all week on the "topic" so its really helped him enjoy something new because we haven't really done any geography in detail. After we finish this book for review we are going to purchase the grade 4 for him to continue learning something that has given him a new interest!! That's a winner to me!! Great book! Great price! Check the book out at Timberdoodle here.

** I received this book free for my honest opinion. I am part of the Timberdoodle Blogger Review Team.**


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