Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mad Libs - What the in world are they??

We have always used a Language curriculum until this year. The reason why we haven't this year is because I just can't seem to find one that I think really teaches the kids what I need and want them to know. So this year half way threw I just stopped using the one we was trying. I just was tired of the kids not understanding what we was learning and I was tired of repeating it, and no fun involved at all.

So we have used:
Easy Grammar
Looked at Bob Jones, to see it looked just like Abeka

So with that being said, when I decided I was going to take a break from an actually curriculum I posted some questions on the best board/forum around, Homeschool Share. Man those girls are something! I love each and everyone of them. All though I have never met them - it doesn't matter because all our hearts are at the same place! I go to them for almost everything since I found them. After posting several times on this topic, I got told to try Mad Libs. I was like umm I've heard of them but don't have a clue what they are. So still after I was explained this I was still like umm alright.

That of course started my search for them. I looked online to find the average price between 3.99 - 5.99 each book. So with 2 children needing them and I had no clue how long they would last, I was a little concerned with what the cost would add up to. That week on my lovely "go where I want to Friday" my husband took me to one of my favorite stores 2 hours away. I have talked about it several times on my blog for my normal readers... Ollie's Bargain Outlet! So in I went not really expecting to find any Mad Libs, never had seen any before(probably because I wasn't looking for them and didn't know what they was! lol). Along browsing the wonderful book section they have, Guess what I found??

Mad Libs!!
LOL I loved what I saw!! Loved the idea behind it, thought my kids would enjoy it too!! Man oh man have I been right!! This is 3 months later and wow. They really beg for these books!! They love them! My daughter will take one with her EVERY TIME we are in the car to go anywhere!! She is going to break me up on buying these books! However they are fun and entertaining to them, so of course I am going to supply them. Best part of that is at Ollie's I have only paid .99 per book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a deal right!!

I have since also found whats called Beaver Tales at the Dollar Tree!! They are fun too. Same thing just a knock off of the Mad Libs! The kids have went threw almost 6 books so far and I enjoy listening to what they come up with. They are very eager to share what story they made up. I think Mad Libs are fantastic! I am so glad for the girls at Homeschool Share for sharing their knowledge with me!

So if your like me and wanting a break from NORMAL Language curriculum, try the Mad Libs out. They teach writing skills, story skills, adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc! In a wonderfully different way! Give them a try!!

After we finish up what I have bought this time, We are going to start trying 2 new Language Curriculum.

~ First Language Lessons for the for the well trained mind...
~ Language Lessons by Sandi Queen

Hopefully one of these will fit our style. The are both not the "typical" way of learning so I think maybe that's what we have been needing the whole time :)

Also HERE  is the site for Ollie's to see if a store is near you!



  1. We love Mad Libs! They crack my little guy up!

    Have you ever checked out ? We use their grammar - I love it. Abeka & BJU grammar gave me headaches!

  2. Hi Kayla,
    I've heard and seen Mad Libs before, but had no idea they could be so educational so thanks for the insight. We don't have an Ollie's near us :( but I'll be on the lookout for Mad Libs elsewhere. I used First Language Lessons with my son a few years ago and we enjoyed the lessons for the most part. Thanks for sharing your fun finds on NOBH!


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