Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something from Kyle...

My oldest Kyle has played the guitar on and off for the last 2 years. He has had some lessons but like normal he will be "in to" it for a little while then "out" of it for a while. However he has always sat and played and made up songs. He has a journal that he writes them in and he has done a great job on them too.

Yesterday after baths and supper he asked if he could go out on the porch and play his guitar. I answered yes just stay on the porch. About 30 Min's later he comes in and said " Mom I'm coming in because its getting dark and cold." I just replied OK, then he comes and says do you want to hear my new song, of course I said "YES".........

Here is what he had wrote that he sung to me:

The Promise

If the promise is true ---- alot of people don't believe ............... but I know why they really don't ---- they don't know Jesus like I do ---- the sinners don't know but the promise is............. if we believe we go to that wonderful wonderful place called Heaven........... that is the promise I have..............

Lets just say I was speechless for a few minutes. I hugged him and told him how beautiful his song was and that I would love for him to learn it so he could feel comfy enough singing that one at church.

After he walked off I cried like a baby. No not sad tears of any kind but just peaceful blessed tears that my darlin child really knows God. What more could a mother want. I just had to share this because it was such an important part of my day yesterday. I love my son so much and I love knowing that God has his heart too.


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