Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 28

weekly wrap-up

This week was great, however we didn't get finished with our lapbook studies this week... I doubt that we finish them Saturday either because the weather here is supposed to be wonderful!!! I am so glad spring has finally sprung! LOL

So hope your week went wonderful!! Here's how ours did...

We had a lot of fun this week with our geology study... We made a play doh sculpture of the earth so the kids could understand the layers inside!

Unit Studies: Kyle really enjoyed his Detectives LB however again we didn't finish them!

Lexi and Zac will complete The Grouchy Ladybug next week...

We got our Math Mammoth this week from the HS Coop Buy Group... We will start this Monday!!

We also finished our school work Thursday on the Trampoline outside like last year! We enjoy getting outside... Who said that just because its school it has to be sitting at the table or desk?? Not I.

Doing AAS...

Doing AAR...

Now that is the way you enjoy the great spring weather!! No sense in being cooped up in the house!! See homeschoolers are creative!! LOL.

Also on the writing prompts Kyle really surprised me this week, The topic was: Would you rather be a rainbow or rain drop? Why? So he wrote the sweetest story this week about how he would like to be a raindrop(totally not what I expected first off) because that way you could be on a cloud then when time came he could fall to earth and bless the ground with water, then a little further in the story he wrote about how it would be an honor to be a drop of rain for a flower because like the saying April showers bring May flowers... I just thought it was so sweet!!

Kyle made my heart melt this week! With the song he wrote and then that sweet story! I can tell God is really blessing him and I am so thankful!!

Friday we ended the week with a bang!!!!! I have said no many times because I just didn't feel the weather was warm enough for this particular thing y-e-t ...............

I hate them and they love them!!!!!!

Everyone had a lot of fun this week and I hope that the weekend blessed even more!


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