Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 27

weekly wrap-up
This week I tried to get back on track however I still wasn't where I wanted to be... Still with that said we had fun and completed our planned activities! Hope everyone had a great week!!

     This weeks Bible Memory Verse was very hard for them. I haven't had that problem yet however there is always a first time for everything. I am not going to make them repeat this just because its not really my purpose. We will move on to a new verse as normal on Monday.
     Our read aloud book is fantastic! I am enjoying this one very much!! Kyle is really getting into it with me! I explained to them that our family had lots of Cherokee Indian in them and great grandpa and granny had enough to live on the reservation, but I have never been checked to see if I could. I explained it to them in a way that this could of been them since its in our history and heritage. That really opened Kyles eyes to enjoying this book!
     Tuesday we didn't meet with our friends, they had a dentist apt and next week I do so it was kinda funny how that worked out.

Kyle was reading in this picture. I love it when he reads because its took so many years to get him to just pick up a book and read for enjoyment. I thank God for this answered prayer!! Isn't he just cute with that book sitting in my dining room floor!! Kyle finished his letters back to his pen pals, so we are waiting on letters back. AAS is doing good with just a review right now. Kyle also had fun teaching alot of his ASL to my grandmother Tuesday. She really enjoyed this as well. He learned a new song from her too!! They love my Granny Belle so very much -- As do I.

Lexi was great this week, however I got showed why I do the AAS lessons separately instead of adding Kyle and her together this week. She is so competitive that she got upset Wednesday over him answering something before her and cried... Not that she didn't know it -- Its just she has to be first and do it right... So we will not make that mistake again, I thought since it was review it would be alright.... Well momma doesn't know a thing!! LOL -- Anyway. Lexi has been doing good on math and doing good with capitalization on her worksheets Ive been giving her. She has caught up on her pen pal letters as well.

Zac is always so funny. However this week he has given me a little trouble out of school work but I have to take the blame because I have been more flexible and he will take every minute of that!! He really enjoyed our Pirate Study this week. He thought the story of the Jolly Roger was the best!! I have to say it was a cute book! Zac is still doing good with numbers and alphabet however he is not liking the copy work!



  1. I know what you mean about getting your son to read. My son also is finally enjoying reading more. Thank you for linking up at NOBH. Have a great week.

  2. My son who is 9 is just now slowly getting into reading, but I have worked (and I'm still working) with him to become more independent! I can't wait to see him like your son in the picture! My oldest daughter is very competitive too, especially with her younger brother, and tears are so very common around here. Cute pictures of all your kids. Their beautiful smiles are precious! Thank you for sharing this post on NOBH!

  3. Looks like you had a great week - if you ever work out how to overcome sibling competitiveness please let me know LOL

  4. Hi Kayla, I so admire homeschoolers! I too love it that my son reads for enjoyment. Sometimes, he gets so hooked by a book that he won't put it down! He'll bring it on car rides and I'll have to ask him to close his book so we can converse! Too funny!


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