Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 30

weekly wrap-up

WOOHOO -- And another one bits the dust! LOL just had to say that!! Glad this week is over because I have a 3 day weekend!! My husband and I had a special event Friday evening. My mother called to see if she could take the kids out and I said "sure". Kevin and I had a wonderful date night. It was wonderful. I took him out for his birthday, which is April 27! It was a great night with some well deserved alone time with my wonderful husband!

We had a wonderful Earth Day study and Easter Study this week. We learned a lot and had a blast doing so! I have something really cute and sweet to say about Friday. Here we was sitting at the table talking about Good Friday and about how the events took place for Jesus that day... Kyle said " Mom, that's why there is rain today, the sky is cryin..." I looked at him and said " you know Kyle, I think you may be right..." I love that God has my children's hearts and minds. I just pray it stays that way.

I have to honestly say I didn't get half what I wanted to complete this week in Geology (mad face). I will try HARDER next week!!

Read Aloud - We didn't finish this like I thought we would, however its not biggie, I am in love with Soft Rain and her family. Its gotten very sad so far. The last 3 chapters we have read I have actually cried! However its part of my history as well as my children's. I do have Cherokee Indian in my blood. My grandfather and mother have enough to live on the Reservation.

Kyle done wonderful this week, his favorite thing this week was the Daily Geography from Evan Moor. He is really enjoying this book! AAS was great for him too!

Lexi had some issues with math this week. However its nothing that we can't work on. She is really loving her Mad Libs and its helping her write better! She is actually trying to write silly sentences!

Zac loves doing his school, just has to be changing things alot to keep his focus. I hope that changes as he gets older. I have to divide his activities alot more than I ever did with Kyle. But again Zac is just Zac!! He loves math anything to do with numbers and he has fun! He is still doing great with Ziggy from AAR.

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  1. Sounds like another great week and so glad you were able to have a date night with hubby! Thanks for sharing your week with us at NOBH!


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