Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back from Vacation Pics

Here are some pictures that show our wonderful trip! God really allowed us to have a blast! Weather was wonderful. Family time was just amazing. We really had a blessed trip!! Can't wait to go back around October hopefully.



  1. Doesn't the beach and sand look really good about now! (It's been raining for 8 days now...) Glad you had a GREAT vacation!

  2. Hi Kayla, what fun you must have had! Your pictures are great! Where did you go? The beach looks gorgeous and I love lighthouses!

  3. Hey Noreen, We went to Atantic Beach in NC. We love it there. Actually plan on having a home there some day! Have another post on the vacation coming tomorrow or Wednesday! Look for that!! Its got a lot more pics!! XOXO


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