Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Educational Insights Shopping Spree!

A few weeks ago I won a fantastic giveaway from Confessions of a Homeschooler for a $100.00 gift certificate for Educational Insights. The most wonderful thing about this giveaway was that we had just came back from our wonderful beach trip and one of the first things I read was "Winner Educational Insights". It was a wonderful welcome home surprise! So this week I spent some time looking threw all the wonderful items they have for a school/teacher to use. Since there is no actual curriculum from this site it was fun to know everything was just going to be supplemental. I tried to think of my overall want/need for our school year for the following year.

There was so many wonderful items, however below is what my final choice was:

My kiddo's love to do experiments, so this was a perfect choice! We have never had anything to experiment with electrical. This should be a blast!

<br><i>Solve puzzles to catch zoo animals on the loose!</i><br><br>
This is a logic game, which Kyle will love.
The other's will enjoy it also however this was actually bought with him in mind to play!

With Kyle's MUS level mainly focused on Fractions this year. I thought this was a great game to get to play to reinforce what we will be learning. Kyle learns much better threw play. Actually all of mine do!

<br><i>Fast-paced strategy game keeps the mental math momentum going.</i><br><br>

I decided on this to help boost mental math skills. I had an idea this would be perfect for all 3 kids. I think Lexi may benefit most from this game. She is actually wonderful at mental/verbal math. She has issues once you have to have a pencil and paper! She is wonderfully different. So this should be perfect for her!

I can't wait to get these. They should arrive next week! The kids are thinking the Zookeeper's Nightmare is going to be the coolest! We shall see!

Erica is wonderful over at Confessions of a homeschooler so be sure to go over and say hello! I love her site and have used so many of her printables for our homeschool! I am actually preparing to buy her Road Trip USA to use as our state and geography for the next year.


I think at $18.00 its a wonderful steal! She always puts such thought and grace in her work. If you have never used any of her items rest assured  there wonderful!! 5 ***** all the way!



  1. Road Trip USA looks really neat!!!

  2. Looks like you have chosen a lot of great items! I have also been looking at getting the Road Trip USA. Looks like a great geography curriculum! :)

  3. Congratulations, Kayla! The Electrical Connections is something I will have to look into. You got some really wonderful things. Thank you for the review, and linking up at NOBH.


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