Friday, May 6, 2011

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up 32

weekly wrap-up

This week really has FLEW by... Where did it all go?? Why that's what happens when you have fun!!!!!!
We have had tons of that this week. Here's a peek and update on how our week went!

Finished the Geology study(there is a post coming next week)... Next week we are going to do a Beach Lapbook and Study since we are going to the beach next week during our break!!

Read A Loud is fun going fast so we can have it complete before we go to the Kitty Hawk Museum/Monument for the Wright Brothers... Kyle and Orville share the same birthday August 19!! He finds that totally cool!!!!!!

He is going to need 2 weeks on the HOAC American Indian Lapbook. He's doing good on MM too. Its a change from MUS however we will go back to it in a few months. They loved dipping pretzels this week too! The Geology study was great with experiments this week and Kyle really enjoyed that part of it.

She of course read more books than what I had assigned her, but that's nothing new! She loves Dr. Seuss so much I found her 4 new ones last weekend at Goodwill for 50 cent! She will totally wear them out in a few weeks! She loved our cooking this week as well as our Geology Volcano we made! Zachary and her had a Vegetable Soup Lapbook they done(I think I forgot to say that in my Monday post ♥) she really enjoyed this lapbook! It was a fun study on plants and since its time for our garden it was perfect for the youngers!!

Zac loved his AAR lessons this week. He said he didn't know if  "L" or "N" was his favorite. The L was a Lama and we used yarn to cover the body! He loved that. The N was for Nanny Goat and on this one he used aluminum foil to cover the empty cans on the page! He enjoyed the HSS Vegetable Soup Lapbook very much too!!

I love that the kids love what we have going on! It makes it so easy to have our school run smooth!!
Have a blessed weekend. We have NO PLANS this weekend -- WOOHOO that sounded wonderful!!