Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Homeschool Wordless Wednesday 32

I love getting fresh flowers daily! Makes a mommas heart warm!

Daddy's Birthday!

The new kitty - Daisy. Likes my foot while I work.

Storm at night = kids in my bed :)

 Church Trip to Lazy 5.

 Look at that tongue!! LOL

Kyles good friends!

Husband and I

Whole group of wild ones from Church

on the way home - I wasnt in the van at this time - I was in the store lol... homeschool store that is



  1. Hi Kayla, your flowers are gorgeous and your family adorable! Are your flowers from your garden?

  2. Mrs. Noreen the flowers are just out of our pastures! Sometimes they gather them before I or my husband mows too. My daughter says she hates for flowers to go to waste!!!! LOL Bless her soul! :)

  3. You're lucky to have them in your pastures! And I love your daughter's thinking!

  4. I love how you are able to capture so much with pictures. It is almost like being there with you. Happy belated birthday Daddy! =) Happy Mother's Day, Kayla!!


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