Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Own Cooking Class

Months back we was allowed to review some cooking classes from Mixing Bowl Academy. You can find my review HERE. Although I loved these classes, they add up to more money than I want to budget for right now. BUT my kids loved them!! So I was trying to figure out some neat easy recipes that I could allow them to do without much of  "ME" having to help them.

So on Tuesday Am's I don't work and haven't for months now. So for know on Tuesday's are our "cooking class" time. Today we made Dipped Pretzels. This was Kyle's idea he asked for dipped pretzels from the store but they was $5.49 at the store and I looked at him and said how about we make our own and his face brightened right up!! He said "Yes yes momma."

So we got a bag of Pretzels, bag of white chocolate morsels and chocolate morsels.

This was a hit with the kids!
We heated the chocolate over the water and then the dipping began!!

The kids each had a wax paper with their own pretzels. This way no one would fight over them!!

They can't wait for next week, however I am going to have to put together a few easy recipes.
Got Ideas???????


  1. My kids absolutely love this easy recipe and they can make it themselves now (except getting it out of the oven).

    Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  2. What fun! This is somethine we are getting ready to do at our house! The boys love to cook!


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