Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Vacation & Wordless Wednesday In One

We planned for over 2 months to go to the Beach and we had wonderful thoughts of everything that we was going to do... NOTHING!!! We had planned to leave Monday around 9am so we could be there the evening to enjoy our selves. However we changed our mind about Friday and we actually left Monday 1am. It was early enough that the kids slept the entire way! The drive to the beach took us almost 7 hours.

Monday we arrived at the hotel around 8am, we couldn't check in just yet. So we made our way to Fort Macon where there is a State Park to explore. We have been there many times! Kids was more than ready to see some ocean and feel some sand!!

First time on Beach this year!!

Soon we was able to check in! We arranged our room, because I have to have everything put up for me to really start relaxing. We was on the beach for our first day around 10am. We stayed on it until around 4. Then back again after a little rest and eating to hunt crabs! We have a blast doing this every beach trip! Every day I packed a picnic lunch for us to have on the beach along with some water and snacks.

Tuesday was spent most the same. Hit the beach around 9am and didn't come off until after 5. Then hit the pool and then just relaxed more!!

Wednesday was our "road trip" day! We started at 430am getting everyone awake and dressed. We had to board the Ferry from the Island by 730am and it was a little over an hour drive. We got on the ferry to go to Ockracoke. The ride was wonderful. Last time we didn't really see any wild life. However this time was blessed for sure! We seen over 600 jellyfish easily!! It was breathe taking!! We seen some Dolphins when we was almost to port. We then headed to the Lighthouse at Ocracoke then off to Hatteras. We actually was able to climb to the top this time!! It was a huge battle for me. I am afraid of heights, however it was something we had talked about for 2 years. I wasn't going to let the kids see I was scared either... But they knew! I kinda had a melt down half way up and had to talk myself into going on. I didn't go half way to turn around! I was scared though! Kids loved it!

Lexi wanted to see wild horses again like last trip and look what she found...

These horses were shipwrecked from the Spaniards over a 100 years.


Getting started up!

At the top!!! I did it :)

Next to Bodie Island...

Kyle said this Lighthouse looks the same as Hatteras and Lexi said "Kyle no! The lines are straight!" I get so tickled at her perfection!

Husband and I having a blast!

We stopped at a wonderful shop that actually has been featured on Food Network! It had fantastic fudge! Kevin is a huge fan of the stuff so when I seen the banner I made him turn around!

Of course he didn't have a problem turning around!!

Next to Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills for the Wright Brothers Memorial.

This was a wonderful museum to visit. Our first time ever being here and it was really filled full of such interesting history.

It was a long walk to get to the monument. Once we got there it was very worth it. It was gorgeous!

Kevin having a little to much fun with the seagulls and other birds.

We reserved the first ferry out that morning and the last one in, We barely made it back!! The ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke is about 30 mins then you have to catch another from Ocracoke back to Cedar Island and its over 2 hours long... So needless to say its a good thing we made it on the last one back!

It was a pretty ride.

Thursday was another day of playing all day on the beach! Resting and Playing is what a vacation is for after all...
Thursday while Kevin and Lexi was walking down the beach they found a whole conch shell. Last trip he found a greenish one, this time it was a peachy color! She was thrilled.

Friday was the day our fun came to an end. The last day is always the worse day. The am was spent packing everything up. Check out was at noon, however we felt it was good to get on the road early to miss a lot of the rush hour traffic since its such a long trip. We took a little walk down the beach and then headed out for home. We arrived home around 6pm. The kids helped unpack the van then off to play with the animals.

This was a wonderful trip. We had so much fun. Laughed a ton. Hugged, kissed and cuddled tons!! Just what each of us needed. 


  1. Looks and sounds like a GREAT time, Kayla! And a little learning in there too! LOL


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! We've enjoyed searching through the yard and REALLY looking for all the interesting plants and flowers! It's amazing what we've missed when we haven't really been looking! (We found another new wildflower this morning!)

  3. Looks like a fun and relaxing vacation! Totally opposite of!


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