Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scholastic Teacher Dollar Sale

Every couple months or so often the Scholastic Teacher store offers this killer deal. Dollar Deal Days!!! WOOHOO ITS BACK!! Its for 2 weeks!!  Go on over here and check them out. In previous sales I have really gotten some wonderful deals and e books for our homeschool. We have completed so many of them in our workbox system.
Dollar Deals

A few of the items I have gotten in previous sales:

26 Mini Alphabet Books
100 Words Kids Need to Know (series)
Analogies(different grade levels)
Follow the Directions
Grammar Cop
Instant Habit Dioramas
Our Country Read and Write Books
Science Journal
Smart Pads
Word Study Learning Pack

Out of the almost 40 books I have from them I can say we have used almost all of them. I can reuse them with my children over and over as the ages meet. I love the ability to buy wonderful books for a wonderful deal!

At first I thought maybe the books weren't complete because they are after all just $1. However I was totally wrong and happily so!! Don't wait ~ Head on over to get you some wonderful new books for your new school year. If you don't have the extra money right now place the item in your wish list and keep a check, because they normally will run this sale again in a few months!


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