Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Child's Talents

As I was looking around for some new printable for our slight move toward a Montessori style, I found a very interesting item on MontessoriMom.com...
A Quiz to take for your children's hidden talents that God may have blessed them with. I took the time to take it for each of my children. I thought this would be very interesting. It was very enlightening for me!
I'm very glad I took the time to take it. It has given me some much needed insight{in a different thought process}.

First up was Lexi.
I answered the questions as I felt it was related to just her. Her results said the following:

Language (no shocker)
Your child has exceptional linguistic ability. Your child could be the next president. Also, your child may be the next Dale Carnegie, Dr. Suess, or JK Rowland. (she loves dr suess)

Your child can hear things and remember them easily. They are often advanced readers(very true for her) and learn to talk quickly. They enjoy telling stories. They learn other languages easily. They can generalize how their language is put together in written and spoken form readily.

Some good activities for your child are as follows:
Word games such as scrabble, crossword puzzles, anagrams, spelling games and most of all, reading.
Your child will probably start writing at a young age, so have plenty of pencils, crayons, and paper handy.

This truly fits her to a T. Wonderful test!!

So to try this with Zachary.
Here is what it said for him:

Your child has strong spatial ability. Your may be living with the next famous astronomer such as Carl Sagin or the next cutting edge artist such as Picasso or Frida Kahlo.

These children can spot everything, including candy hidden behind your back. They know where everything is located in the house(very true for him). They are great at finding lost items for other family members(he loves to help and normal can find what we are looking for). They think in pictures and forms.
These children enjoy jigsaw puzzles, mazes(goes threw a maze book often, one of his favorite things to do), and art activities. They draw proportions very accurately, and like to design using paper and pencil, clay, and visual art activities. They love illustrations in picture books, video games, movies, and photographs.

This is very close to what I think of Zachary as well. Wonderful results so far. Moving on to Kyle.

Here is what the test said about Kyle:

Logic (finding this one very interesting for several different reasons)
Your child has a great analytical ability. You may be living with the next Einstein, Marie Curie, or Bill Gates. Your child likes to categorize things(true), places, and looks for interrelationships between ideas, things and activities(true again). They like computers(he doesn't really understand how to operate them very good yet however this is something that will improve over the next year), science and math(these 2 subjects are his favorite).
Here are some activities that will appeal to your child.
Puzzles(he can't stand puzzles), logic games(however he is getting very into some logic learning games I just got), chess and checkers(loves checkers), chemistry sets, and science kits(very true, he is actually getting 2 new ones for this next school year).

Over all I think this test was wonderful at helping me see what talents my kids may have. I think the Quiz was right on! I'm very happy with the results I see from it. I helps me look at them in a different way. I am going to make a note card for them all with this information on it for them to keep and maybe it will help them feel more positive about who God has made them to be!

If you want to take the quiz for your children HERE

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