Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 Reasons to Stop Homeschooling - Funny!

I was reading through some homeschool blogs and came across this(via facebook) and I just loved it. I was really amused by the over-all "real life" of this! The woman who originally wrote this has a wonderful blog I looked over it here. Her name is Tracy Dear. Go on over and show it some love.

There are some good reasons to quit homeschooling your children, but most of them break down to one common denominator: to live a life free of responsibility for the quality of your child's education, and to not have to answer to others for the schooling he received. Here are 12 reasons to just ditch homeschooling altogether and send them off each day to be educated elsewhere:

1.) You can blame your child's behavior and bad habits on his peers: they're not his siblings.

2.) You can blame his teacher when your child is "behind:" you're not the teacher.

3.) You would not have to grade papers or keep track of important educational documents or create a transcript.

4.) You would suddenly find yourself having more in common with the people you meet.

5.) You would be relieved of the responsibility to choose the best curriculum for your child.

6.) You could focus on your own personal hobbies or begin to work outside the home.

7.) You would substantially increase the likelihood of having a clean home if no one was in it all day.

8.) You could just complain about your child's environment, teacher, peers, and curriculum instead of being personally responsible for changing or repairing it.
9.) Your public school tax dollars would finally be at work for your family.

10.) You could stop having to justify or prove that your educational choices could be at least as productive as the public alternative.

11.) You could read books that don't use the word "education," "Charlotte Mason," "Trivium," or "self-discipline" in them.

12.) You never again have to answer the question "What about socialization?"



  1. I like them all, but #9 REALLY hits home for me. Grrr... Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I just got asked about socialization yesterday...and I was at the dance!

  3. i hate the socialization question:) funny read:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH


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