Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deals On Saturdays

Since its Summer time we try to go to yard sales sometimes. We hadn't planned on going to any this past weekend however since we had to drive for 2 hours to go to a birthday party it seemed as if it was alright to stop. That way it was a smoother ride with getting out and stretching and letting the kids do the same!

Yard sales are something that I enjoy simply because I try to look for a deal not normally found. I try to find items that I can use when I buy and not just bring home and store(you all know what I mean). The kids normally will be given $2.00 each Saturday as a reward for good work, respect and chores through the week. However if they do not spend it, we keep it until next time. They like this system pretty well. I have found that if someone knows they(kids) have the money and ask for more than they have to spend on the item the person will normally say "ohh well we can do it for that!" I love that! It makes the kids happy to have their own money to manage but also helps them negotiate and divide the money they are going to spend.

Back to our trip down the Mtn Saturday! I found something that was one of my best finds yet!! What's so special and funny about the find is that only last week I asked Kevin to make me something so similar. I had looked at some of the related things and they was just so expensive and I wasn't willing to pay the price for this item... So Saturday God sent me a blessing.

I walked up to the lady with this in hand thinking I wasn't going to pay over $10.00 I just couldn't. I asked the lady how much and she said well how does $1.00 sound... I think she thought I was nuts I said Wow that's fantastic I want it! LOL In a high voice of excitement!! LOL...

Superbly crafted solid hardwood lock box with 3 separate compartments, 10 doors and 10 different latches. Light weight with easy grip carry-along handle, this very popular TAG toy entertains the child for long periods of time. Children place their little treasures into separate compartments and then enjoy looking for them through the different doors.

Develops hand control, muscle strength and finger dexterity. Improves memory skills. Encourages a sense of order. Entertains young children for long periods.

This items retail from the original place was $89.95

So not only did God send me something I had asked for at a great price, He saved my husbands time as well!


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