Monday, June 6, 2011

Plans for the Week 37

Our plans this week are basic.
Fun and Reinforcement

I have several outside activities planned to go along with our Dinosaur study. One that I personally can't wait to do is a Dino Dig. I am placing several toy dinosaurs in a small bowl(one for each child) and then going to pour water over it and freeze and then let them dig the dinosaurs out!!! I can't wait to see if they like this as good as I have imagined. Also my children love salads(they get that from me not Kevin - he says they are rabbit food!) so we are going to eat Dinosaur leaves for lunch one day. I made the name up!?! Its just a salad! But with the new name twist to make it fun! They have several activities in the workboxes to complete related to Dinosaurs this week, Word finds, Word searches, Pattern games, etc.
Together - Unit Study is Dinosaurs. Read aloud is Anne of Green Gables. Bible Verse review from all the ones this year.

Kyle - Reviewing basic fractions, multiplication. Basic sentence structures. Intro to AAH(all about homophones). Cursive writing. Daily reading.

Lexi - Reviewing comparisons in math and basic addition and subtraction. Vocabulary review and building. Intro to AAH. Daily writing and reading.

Zac - Intro to subtraction. I feel he is ready for this. MUS Primer only covers addition and he is asking questions about the topic so I am going to go with it :). Daily writing. Audio books this week. Dinosaur activities and games. He is going to work on sounds this week as well. Last week he shocked me that threw our 3 week break he remembered all but 1 of the ABCs and as soon as I told him the sound he could tell me it was "F". That made me a happy momma!

We have no extra curricular things anymore. Gymnastics is complete for the year, so nothing else! We are going to go to the library this week. Friday is grocery store day. Zac has check up Monday for his bad ear infection, hope its all cleared up! I will be gathering supplies and books for our next Unit Study that we will probably start next week -- Clouds! Any suggestions please comment!!

Have a Blessed week!!


  1. HI - new to your blog, your newest follower!!

    what a great unit study - clouds! We did weather and very lightly touched on clouds. Looking forward to see what you use!

  2. Very creative! Our kiddos would love your dinosaur dig! Thanks for joining us a NOBH.
    ~Kara @The Chuppies/NOBH

  3. HA! Dinosuar Leaves - I am going to have to try that one. :)


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