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The Power of a Positive Mom Chapters 4-6

My last post regarding this fantastic book is HERE. If your interested in learning more of what I thought chapters 1-3 please go read what I had to say.

This post is on Chapters 4 threw 6.

Chapter 4 - Great Expectations.
Helping your children discover their potential. The Lord plainly states He knows the plans he has for us. So often its hard for us as parents to see that. This book is to help us stay positive in our mother journey. We have to help our children reach and understand what God has given them for potential. I think during reading this I realized we are so often putting our opinions in our children's minds on what we might have in mind for them instead of what God's purpose is for them. We must be sure to watch our selves to not push them wrong... God has to lead us to be able to lead our children!! The book talks about studying our children so that we can see where God is taking them in there life. They are not clones of us as parents and we must pay attention to see who they are! This statement in this chapter has to be my favorite in the book so far... To be positive mothers we must be students of our children!!!!!!!! WOW do you really understand that?? Let's repeat that once again just so it can sink in this time! To be positive mothers we must be students of our children!! First step is to see and find the potential in them. Don't worry, you know first hand what your kids are best at. Helen Keller said " I think God for my handicaps, for through them, I have found myself." What powerful words. Second Offer opportunities for them to grow their interest. Third set realistic goals. As positive mom's we are to support our children by being there with them as they go threw hard times. Even when you think they are not that good at something a simple I know your gonna get there is a wonderful remark to help!!

Chapter 5 - The Beauty of a Smile. Bring Son-shine to others!
This chapter was a insightful one for me. Not because I don't smile but actually thinking what the effect of a "smile" does for my kids! A so simple movement of the face can make a bad day turn good or at least better. A simple smile in the morning as they get out of that snugly bed and prepare for school helps start their day on a positive note! It helps them view their day in a positive way and helps them be in a good mood first thing. An interesting note on not waiting for the feeling to smile. Every moment in our days there is a choice. I want my kids to see that no matter what is happening I can be joyful in God and praise him threw it all. This isn't meaning that I can't ever cry, its meaning even when I have a crappy day I can still smile to show them its alright. My kids love the song "SHINE" and in this chapter it actually talked about letting your light shine. A joyful smile helps us do just that SHINE!

Chapter 6 - A Positive Mom is a Praying Mom.
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16
This chapter was exactly what I needed at a time when I needed it most. I have been having some struggles and this chapter really helped me. I have thought before Why do we pray if God knows what I am thinking?? We pray because God tells us to bring all our requests and problems to him! So many times I think we as humans think things are small I can handle it, then just possibly that small thing may turn into something big because we didn't take it to God and leave it! I pray for a lot of different reasons but in all my prayers I include my children! I need help to be a mother, its a hard job! I pray for patience, strength, peace, knowledge and love and way more. One note in this chapter from Karol says that we pray because it turns our eyes toward God and off our problems. Wow that's so true. Prayer is something that can be done anywhere anytime but so many times threw our life we just don't do it and then our life suffers. As a young mother I have had to learn this threw many lessons. God has gotten me to where He wants me though :) I really understand where a Positive Mother is a Praying Mother! Make sure friends that your taking special time to say a prayer threw your days. I pray several times a day however my longest prayers are given before I get out of bed and when I get in bed. Prayer is so powerful and can help us raise our children. The book offers several prayer suggestions for our children.

Here are some if needed:
Pray they will come to know Christ and follow him(Romans 10:9)
Pray that they will be able to recognize evil and hate it.(Psalm 97:10)
Pray that they will be kind and forgiving toward others.(Ephesians 4:32)
Pray that they choose wise friends.(Proverbs 13:20)
Pray for a hedge of protection around them.(Hosea 2:6)

There are so many other things as well -- Search and seek God for your own children. Never give up. God wants us to be persistent with him. That way he knows we are a faithful servant. I love my children and I know that I can provide things for them threw God. I am a human and I can not do anything with out Him. I will leave you with this thought.

We are never so high as when we are on our knees in prayer.

I love this book!!


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