Monday, June 20, 2011

Preparing for Father's Day

Its that wonderful time of the year where we get to show our husbands just what wonderful father's they are!! My children love when its Father's Day because they get to pamper daddy and make things for him.

Its a time of reflection for me... Daydreaming if you will. I think of how it came to pass that we are parents! Becoming a mother was one of the best gifts Kevin could of given me however being a wonderful husband and father is very valuable too! I think of our first born that made us parents and how that birth experience was. We was young and scared. He was so sweet and loving through the process. Becoming a father brought him to tears as it did for me as well. Being a Father is more than making a child though. Its being there for the "first" things in there life. Its being there to hold their hands when they are scared. Its being there to pray and tuck them in at night. Many men make babies however there is more to it. A child needs a Dad!!

The Old School House had a wonderful post on Encouragement for Father's the other day. It really helped me to look at things differently. My husband is very involved and extremely helpful with anything I ask. He helps with school for the kids and plays with them all the time. I secretly think he needs to be a Daycare Provider so he can play all day ;) Just sayin! So I am going to list some things I am thankful to my husband for:

Being a man of God. Its hard in this world to be that and so many aren't. There are many differences in being a man of God and not being one.

Loving our children. He is really involved in everything from punishment to prayer for them. God really blessed me with a wonderful man to have a family.

Loving and being devoted to me. All marriages have ups and downs however the majority of the downs could be prevented threw God. We learned that very hard. I know Kevin loves me very much for many different reasons but hopefully number one is just being me.

His sense of Humor. Yes really! I'm very serious and he says sarcastic most of the time and how I love his sense of humor... He is always funny and humorous thats for sure. We are a good fit though!

Just him being him to me is all I need. A horrible day turns wonderful when I lie in his arms each night to sleep with my dear husband.

Here are pictures that I enhanced and we are making frames for them for his gifts from the kids.

Then we are making him a special supper and a special dessert!!
Here is the dessert we are making him...

He loves Keylime! This is a cool twist on it.

We are also making this craft just for fun for him...

He has a new pair of UNC sleep shorts, this will make him a very happy man!!

Happy Father's Day My Dear.

What a goober!!!!! LOL...


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  1. Hope your hubby had a fantastic day. My hubby was out of town for work so we will celebrate next week Thanks for linking up to the NOBH


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