Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 40 - Review Still

This week is our week 40. We are still in review mode for the next 2 weeks. Then we are on a break for 2 weeks. After our 2 week break we will administer our state required testing. Kyle has had a test administered yearly since he was in Kinder, however this will be Lexi's first test. I will find it hard to administer both test at the same time so we will test in mini time slots.

This week we are starting our Unit Study on The Water Cycle & Clouds. We are using some things from Homeschool Share and Enchanted Learning. We have many great books that Homeschool Share recommended and some that I had already gotten. We have a few hands on activities to do as well. This unit will last us the next 2 weeks.

Reviewing this week:

Kyle ~ Cursive handwriting still. He is getting better!!! Multiplication facts are coming easier and faster. Still working hard on writing skills, this is something he is finding to be difficult and yes its just basics so I'm a little concerned here. Doing wonderful at his States and Capitals still. Kyle has took an interest in reading Treasure Island so he is doing that daily.

Alexis ~ Telling time and working on money are her hard areas. This is what she will be working on all week. Everything just time and money! This girl can read!! We put up a challenge chart and she has read over 60 books in the last 3 weeks!! WOOHOO... And not the skimpy kind either... Good wholesome books. I'm very proud of her on this.

Zac ~ He has done wonderful with counting to 100 however we are going to start writing to 100 this week. He has improved on writing his letters but still we have to stay on top of this to not lose the skill. Counting by 5's is getting better. He is doing great with alphabet sounds too!



  1. Sounds like you have lots of great things going on, Kayla! Your study of the water cycle and clouds reminded me of an activity of the week I had with an activity for demonstrating a raincloud:

  2. Hi Kayla,

    Thanks for sharing what you've been up to. Looks like the kids are doing well. Good luck with testing. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! By the way, I loved your post about reasons to stop homeschooling. Last night at the dentist I got drilled (haha!) about whether my kids are socialized. Try having that discussion with fingers in your mouth!! ~Liesl

  3. Sounds like things are moving right along! Thanks for sharing you week 40 at NOBH!


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