Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Week 37

Yes that's Icing... Don't ask.

We don't have the big pool up since it messed up last year. So until we can save enough money back up this is what the kids have. She said it was too cold!!

My baby playin' his normal!

Kyle and friend Sunday after church ~ Just being boys.

Sunday evening daddy asleep with kitten!
That's really cute to me.

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  1. Great pictures Kayla! Did your hubby crash and go to sleep right after he satisfied his sweet tooth with that icing? ;) Sugar makes me so tired :) Watching boys be boys is alot of fun. I know with my son, he loves to hang out with the neighborhood boys and they rarely get into agruements unlike my girls :/ Thanks for sharing your WW post on NOBH! :)


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