Monday, August 1, 2011

Blessings This Week

So its just Monday morning and I am so happy to Praise God this am...

My Friday started with DS1 getting saved!!!!!!! I know its wonderful isn't it!!! He attended VBS at our former church with my parents and I was blessed enough to be there Friday and seen it!! God is wonderful. I was so happy and proud! Honestly at peace as well. DS1 has been asking some hard questions for about 6-8 months and we had been thinking it could be any time!

This am, a prayer was finally answered for my brother. He and his wife have separated and she has put him threw a lot but all his concern was over was Jenna and Mattie. She has stood him up many times on signing papers for their custody agreement and she finally signed them this am! Praise God. My brother is now the primary parent of the 2 girls. This is an answered prayer!!

I won 2 give a ways this weekend. I was beyond happy to win the Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler!! My homeschool budget is really tight this year since its Kevin's last year in school and this was an item I wanted but was thinking I wasn't going to get! It was really a blessing! The second item I won was a neat DVD for multiplication facts! Just a supplement to use with learning!

Also Kevin has done really wonderful on his tests last week. Friday was a stressful day for him on tests. He did well but today will be a huge day... Final today... Pray for him.

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