Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To My First Born

Happy Birthday To My First Love. 

My first born.
The one who showed me how to care and love all at the same time. 
I thank God for making me a mother and giving me my dear son.
He has been a true blessing to me as a mother and to our family. 
I can't believe how old he is already! 
Man how time flies. 
I have seen him change so much over the years and I understand that its just beginning. 

My heart breaks and overflows all at once. 
No wonder mother's are so nutty! 

I love you son! With all my heart.

Hope your day is everything you dreamed it to be. 

Happy Happy Birthday to my first born son.....



  1. the 18th was my first born's bday...he turned 5...time goes by too fast, doesn't it? Happy Bday to yours.

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    My first born just had her birthday not long ago. Make a momma weep just thinking of it.


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