Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last week of our Break

We actually was going to start school yesterday until some things came up last week and we will be waiting until Monday the 22nd. This will be our official start date. The kids are excited and DD is waiting oh so patiently. I have a big announcement(for me) by the end of the month, That I am so extremely happy about (no i can't mention it yet).

I also would like to
I won a years worth of science curriculum and all Simple Schooling's Virtual Classroom Videos(which the kids love)! I am so very blessed and honored to have won! I worked hard and prayed hard. Thank the good Lord above for this! I praise him. You see the last several months have been very "life changing" for our family. I honestly didn't have a lot of money in our homeschool budget this year. I normally have all my books and items before June.... Not this year! I was doing good to get basics. So I began to pray and I have to say its been truly wonderful leaving it in God's hands! He has provided me with 4 wonderful wins that has in so many ways benefited our homeschool budget! The Lord has blessed me with over $250.00 in homeschool material for free threw giveaways! I am praising him today. I think he has made himself very clear that he will provide if it's his will and I ask and trust.

So if your needing help in any way please be sure to pray and seek Jesus! I hope all of my homeschool mother's that started back this week and before have a blessed week! I will join you next week!