Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 1 - Starting

This week has gone by fast. Yes its really only been a 3 week break however with us starting back with new books and new grades it has been "different". With it being different publishers and unfamiliar items I have started back into this school year slowly. Kids have had a wonderful attitude this week which is always something that helps the week go by great! We are still using the workbox system which I honestly can't understand how I ever homeschooled without doing! Secondly we are still doing year round schooling as follows: 8 weeks schooling and 2 weeks off the entire year.

Bible Study on Paul getting bit by a snake and why there is a reference to Owl's in the bible.
Read Aloud - Because of Winn Dixie
Science Topic - 5 Senses
Math/Science Lab - Estimation

DS1 ~
Reviewing phonogram sounds and spelling rules in AAS level 3.
Cursive writing practice.
Dictation and writing story.
Math - we haven't gotten our MUS books yet however I have started getting his mind geared into fraction's(which is what his mus year will be on). We have played a couple games and done a few Math Mammoth pages on it.
Reviewed Time telling and money skills. 
Daily reading.

DD ~
Review of AAS level 3 sounds and rules.
Review of basic writing skills.
Math - she is refreshing on adding numbers above 10 together. She done well with this. Waiting on MUS books.
Reviewed telling time.
Reading was not an assigned task for her, it never has to be. She read 14 books this week!! She is amazing when it comes to reading, She has a passion for it. Wish I could bottle some of that and give to DS1 lol.

DS2 ~ 
Review of ABC's.
Review of Sounds AAS level 1.
Math - review of numbers and solving problems in addition up to 10. 
Solving for the unknown(he likes that).
Writing ABC's.
Worked on placing sounds together for small 2 and 3 letter words such as: hat cat mug rat pat map bug. He enjoyed this and was pleased with himself which was fantastic. I was worried he would get upset with himself... Relief.

The main goal of this week was to get back into a "routine" for us. I guess even above that the goal was to have fun with it all. I learned the hard way over the last semester that when your to picky or not willing to lean a little, it takes the love of learning away. I would never want to take that away from any of my children. I am going to be working hard with one of my children to gain the love of learning back little by little. Next week there will be many more subjects added. Hopefully our MUS books will be here. American Sign Language will be added in on M, W and F alternating with Confessions of a Homeschooler's Artist study on T and Th. We will start Road Trip USA next week as well. All About Homophones(AAH) will be added for DS1 and DD starting Monday as well. I have probably left something out however it will emerge soon if so! Be Blessed and be a blessing.



  1. Well, break a leg at the new grade levels. Hope you get familiar with the new material soon.
    We just got G's language arts material and I have been frantic to get into it before our first day of class on Monday.

  2. Having kids excited about learning is a great goal. I've found that waxes and wanes in our home depending on the season and the child. I'm not familair with The Confessions of a Homeschooler's Artist Study. I'm off to check that out.

  3. I have been looking at the way we do things here also. I knew things on my end had to change. The boys were getting to think school was lame. I researched and researched for things that I thought would be fun. I hope I chose better. I also learned how they learn or at least I hope I did.


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