Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wonderful Deal Find

I am so happy and blessed to share an item I had been wanting to purchase however the extra money for something "off topic" wasn't really in our homeschool budget this year. So let me show you, what it is, I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago...

You talking about nearly having a heart attack... Let me explain. The first Snap Circuit set has 300 projects and on amazon the price is $34.00 then the Snap Circuit Jr 100 projects is $17.00 which is the cheapest prices I have found in a while. So ((DRUM ROLL PLEASE)) I paid $3.00 for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Savings of $48.00. The most wonderful part of it all is they were all in tack!! Nothing was missing and from the looks of them they hadn't been used or played with either!! Wow what a wonderful find. My mom was with us and I honestly think she thought I was going nuts. Cause as soon as I saw them I said "Ohhh" really loud and then grabbed them as if any one else was looking saying "THEIR MINE AND I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR THEM" LOL... Needless to say I found a wonderful deal. I am blessed that God gave them to me. He knew my heart was for them and found a wonderful way to bless my family with them!