Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clouds Unit Finished

We have been working on a Cloud Unit since week 2, meaning we have spent 2 and a half weeks on Clouds. The main idea of our unit was to learn the 3 main types of clouds and be able to identify them on a daily basis. Our "meat" of the unit was from Simple Schooling(the science curriculum you all helped me win).   

So here is a journey through picture:

 The kids watched the online video teaching session spread out of several days. Then we read several books on clouds and the water cycle.

 Next we made a mural on our wall. We labeled the entire paper from top to bottom with the 3 main cloud heights in the sky and then decorated the mural. The kids used cotton and markers to make the clouds as they would appear if your looking at the sky. 

 This was an experiment that we performed to make a cloud in a jar. First try wasn't a success however the second time worked like a charm. You can see the cloud coming out of the jar.

 Then the kid's became a Cloud Inspector
They really have enjoyed these cards that a friend made. They have used them almost daily to run outside to see what clouds they can find.

I really think they enjoyed this unit. It's the first of the year and I think our timing went well too.


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