Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Greatest Artist Study - Picasso

This year we added a wonderful artist study from Confessions of a Homeschooler to our schooling. We ordered the neat books she recommended with this unit and gathered all supplies needed. The actual curriculum is free through her site. So go on over and check her wonderful stuff out. BTW we are also using her Road Trip USA and its equally as fabulous! Erica is Amazing!! 

So the first artist was Pablo Picasso 

This book is so neat to read through. Its lively enough to keep my kids attention and that's something I worry about for my smallest. However we didn't have any issue. 

We learned many interesting facts about his life from small childhood through out his adulthood. We learned and explored his methods and even had some fun ourselves with painting and being an artist! We talked about how looking at pictures you could get a good idea of how the painter felt at the time of painting or drawing of the masterpieces. 

The kids choose "The girl in the mirror" to paint in their idea!

We are learning about history in a very fun way. My kinda way!


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  1. Art can be so revealing. It teaches more than about one artist. Of course, they always have smiles on their faces.


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