Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meal Plans September 12 - 18

I haven't posted a Meal Plan in a few months so I thought I would try to post more regular. Planning meals helps in so many different ways that I can't function with out one made out almost weekly. The reason I enjoy  having the meal plan made is 

1- Saves money at the grocery store cause your not confused about what your going to cook. 

2- Every one can pick one meal and be happy looking forward to what is going to be served. 

3- No chaos about whats for dinner.... I hate standing in front of the pantry looking for something to cook!

Monday - Chicken Legs, Potatoes and Peas
Tuesday - Lasagna, Potatoes and corn
Wednesday - Homemade Pizza
Thursday - Taco Pie
Friday - Homemade Veggie Soup & Cornbread
Saturday - Salisbury Steak, Corn Casserole and Mashed Potatoes
Sunday - BBQ Chicken, Rice, Squash and Peas


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