Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up # 3

This week completes week 3 of our school year. We are going good. Great attitudes and effort on the kids part which will always make things so much easier. 

Together This Week:
Road Trip USA & Animal Study
Geography A-Z Terms Notebook(this is something that I added at the last minute and we have enjoyed so far)
Bible Verse - A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. Proverbs 15:1
Read Aloud -  Because of Winn Dixie
Science Topic - Clouds
Science Lab - Made a Cloud in a bottle(tried once way didn't work then had to try another - second worked)
Sign Language - Worked on ABC's of ASL
Art Vol 1 - Learned about Pablo Picasso this week. The periods of his art. Talked about the type of art work he done and learned where he was born and  a little about his childhood.
Bible Story - We learned about the Plague of Locust in Egypt all because of the Freedom of Gods people. We kinda expanded on this because of the Freedom we as people have and that the world is actually "plagued" in our days too. Freedom is something God has given us only to use in his will. We kinda turned it around to apply it to our daily lives.(I know normal readers understand that I can not follow a lesson plan... after all thats why I homeschool lol). 

MUS Epilson - Working on step 1
AAS Level 3 - Reviewing Up to where we left off last 8 weeks
Cursive writing. Working on writing sentences.
Daily Geography(EM)
AAH be/bee see/sea
Mad Libs
Reading this week centered around slavery and rights they had and didn't have. Normally his reading is about history because that's what he enjoys reading.
Reviewed Money skills by playing cashier!
We worked on editing some of his previous stories this week. Found a tip that has been helpful. DS1 hates when I mark on his paper so I took a page protector and  corrected that way with a visa line marker! Piece of cake and no feelings hurt :)

♥ DD ♥
AAS Level 3 - Reviewed up to point left off last 8 weeks
MUS Beta Step 1
AAH be/bee see/sea
Review of basic writing skills.
Review on telling time.
Reading Daily Assorted books... Shocker -- mainly on animals!

Daily Word Problem WB
Daily Trait Writing WB
Mad Libs 
AAR Pre Level 1
AAS level 1
Worked on first and last sounds with Ziggy!!
MUS Alpha Step 1
Writing ABC's.
Reading Lessons(lesson 1) He's doing wonderful with this!
Read to daily. We found a few readers about American Landmarks at the library that was Step 1 readers and this has been wonderful to read to him!
Mad Libs 

I think it was a fantastic week this week. Happy that things are going great with the new topics added this week! I will post on the "new" way we are doing our schedule and it worked wonderful this week.


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  1. Looks like a great week! It's always nice when kids have a great attitude, it certainly helps!


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