Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #4 --WOOHOO

Well we are have way done with our first "mini mester" as we call them! We have got back in the swing of things and doing great!

Together This Week:

Road Trip USA & Animal Study - Starting on a state next week!

Geography A-Z Terms Notebook - Badlands & Bay

Bible Verse -Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy. Psalm 100:2

Read Aloud -  Because of Winn Dixie

Science Topic - Clouds - Watched our Video on Clouds from Simple Schooling and done several worksheets on topic. Will wrap this up over weekend.

Sign Language - Worked on ABC's of ASL.

Art Vol 1 - Pablo Picasso and also this week we painted "our" version of one of his famous paintings - The Girl in the Mirror.

Word of the Day - Ordain(Tuesday),  Exasperate(Thursday)  

Bible Story - Samson "Strength in the Lord".

We watched 2 Historical Documentaries this week from National Geographic. 
Blackbeard Terror of the Sea and Jamestown.

♥ DS1 ♥
MUS Epilson - 2A - 2D
AAS Level 3 -Step 1- 4 Reviewed
Cursive writing. Working on writing sentences.
Daily Geography(EM)
Reading this week centered around Wild West.

♥ DD ♥
AAS Level 3 - Step 1 - 4
MUS Beta Step 2 complete
Review of basic writing skills.
Reading Daily - Mainly Dr Seuss this week. She reads to DS2 as well.

Daily Word Problem WB
Daily Trait Writing WB
♥ DS2 ♥
AAR Pre Level 1 just finished first book, On to Lizard Lou!!
AAS level 1

MUS Alpha Step 2 complete
Writing ABC's.
Reading Lessons(lesson 1, we are taking this slow) He's doing wonderful with this! I don't know how long we will stay on each lesson. We are doing AAR on M,W & F and RL on T and Th.

Read to daily. DD reads to him as well as our read aloud and bedtime stories.

Group started this week however I have fought some stomach issues all week so we didn't go. I am so sorry and feel horrible that we didn't go the first day however I honestly haven't felt like it. 
Also Wednesday our Library offers some classes for our homeschoolers, that started back on Wednesday so we visited the library to do some fun activities and really enjoyed our time there.



  1. We are using Geography A-Z as well. We just add them to our picture dictionaries as we come across them in literature. So are you just picking topics for science and History each semester? Or using a list?

  2. Sounds like a fun week. Can I send my kids to your house next week? LOL JK. We finished wk #8 and on to our next 4 wks after a well needed week off. Blessings.

  3. It sounds like you got so much done this week! Hope you are feeling better next week and can make it to group.

  4. Hey Michele I always pick, I dont go by anything but my mind lol...


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