Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #5

Wow this week has been a true test of will. So on to what we accomplished.

Together This Week:
Road Trip USA & Animal Study - We learned about Connecticut. The state was torn apart through our study. We have really enjoyed this study. This is our first state however we are just getting started so hold on! We took extra time this week to learn about the American Robin which is the Connecticut state bird.


Geography A-Z - Beach & Butte (I think this is secretly their fav)

Bible Verse - I'm sorry to say I didn't do one this week. Totally forgot Monday to pick it out of our pocket, then Tuesday was group so no "real" school and so almost pointless Wednesday. So we reviewed our other 2 verses.

Read Aloud - Because of Winn Dixie & If you were there when they signed the Constitution.

Science Topic - Clouds(finished) and The American Robin. Next week Caves!!

Sign Language - Worked on ABC's of ASL. Next week moving on to numbers.

Art Vol 1 - Putting together our Picasso pieces of lapbook and looking at other painting he finished that wasn't in our book.

Documentaries - (PBS) Colonial House Disc 1. This is based on the first settlers. Goes perfect with our Road Trip USA study.

Bible Story - We learned about the 3 Wise Men and the gifts they brought to baby Jesus. We learned about obedience through this lesson too.

♥ DS1 ♥
MUS Epilson - Real books finally came so we started over just to review. 1 complete
AAS Level 3 - Step 1- 5 Reviewed
Cursive writing. Working on writing sentences.
Daily Geography(EM)
Daily Reading
Daily Writing/Story editing

♥ DD ♥
AAS Level 3 - Step 1 - 5
MUS Beta - Real books finally came so started over at 1.
Review of basic writing skills.
Daily Story writing and editing.
Reading Daily - She reads to DS2 as well.
Daily Word Problem WB
Daily Trait Writing WB 
♥ DS2 ♥
AAR Pre Level 1 - Step 23
MUS Alpha - Real books came!! Started back at Step 1.
Writing ABC's.
Reading Lessons(lesson 2, we are taking this slow) He's doing wonderful with this! I don't know how long we will stay on each lesson. We are doing AAR on M,W & F and RL on T and Th.
He is read to daily.

Homeschool Group was wonderful this week. This was our first week. I am teaching a Verbal Math class(30 mins) for ages 5-9. My 2 smallest are in this class. I am also teaching a class called "Lets Build Some Character" which again is for ages 5-9(30 min). Our group struggles to provide to my smallest ages so I tried to fill that gap for myself and the others. My smallest 2 are also in this class. All 3 kids are taking PE. DS1 is taking a Art Fundamentals class. We all had a wonderful time. The kids in my classes seem to have had a blast! 
I was a little scattered this week so pray that I be more organized and stay on task better.

Hope you had a wonderful week!!


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  1. Looks like you had a fun week! I love the way you break it nice and easy and organized! '

    ...danielle - raising little rhodies


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