Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - Going Good


Another week gone! I tell you they are flying bye so far this year for us! So this week we have another Dr's appointment on Friday same as last week. My weekly wrap up is a little early because we will not school Friday. So here is the break down so far.

Read Aloud - Because of Winn-Dixie
Bible Memory Verse: Don't let your heart be troubled. Trust in God and in me. John 14:1
Art - Finger Painting and Sketching our favorite animals in our art/drawing book
Beginners Bible - Daily Life of Telling Time and the history of the first clock. Also a lesson on TRUST through Jesus walking on water on the Sea of Galilee.
Science Topic: Finished 5 senses(wed.) Started Butterflies.

Reviewing phonogram sounds and spelling rules in AAS level 3.
Cursive writing practice.
Story Prompt - This week's prompt has been from Write Shop Story Builder Cards(was gifted from Kim the owner because Kyle hasn't showed a real love of writing so she is trying to help me bring that alive in him) here is what he picked out of the piles for a story this week:
Hears a crash
Amusement Park
ohh how fun the story ended!!
Math - Still waiting on MUS books However we worked on MM this week - Fractions.
Reviewed Time telling and money skills. 
Daily Geography(Evan Moor)
Reading this week has been on Thomas Edison(he really enjoyed this) and Ben Franklin.
Mad Libs

Review of AAS level 3 sounds and rules.
Review of basic writing skills.
Math - Working on Money
Reviewed telling time.
Reading - Focused alot on Animals this week. She reads to DS2 as well.
Daily Word Problem WB
Daily Trait Writing WB
Mad Libs

Review of ABC's.
Review of Sounds AAS level 1.
Worked on Rhymes! With Ziggy!!
Math - Adding up to 10 and taking away up to 10. Worked on writing numbers to 100.
Writing ABC's.
Working on Reading still. He's finding this fun!! WOOHOO...
Read to daily.
Mad Libs

Next week will start Gymnastics up for the year and the following week the Homeschool Group starts and we have decided to attend this year. Last year we sat out however this year I am going to teach 2 classes for them. Geared at my youngers cause the group always struggles to get that age covered. So the adventure is getting ready to get busy! Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts starts soon as well. The kids have begged for a year to do them so we are going to allow it this year. Hope that goes well. DH or I never was in so we will learn as we go! The State Park offers programs on Saturday and Sunday that we are going to start attending on one day. 

Change of plans - We didn't start the Art, Road Trip or Homophone studies. Let's say my printer was sick! LOL however we will start these next week and follow through with the same plan as posted on Wrap Up 1.



  1. Looks like a good week (and you even have your weekly wrap up already). We've been busy too but I will be lucky if I have mine written!

  2. Sounds like a good week. I'm hoping to get my girls in a Girl Scout group too.


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