Monday, September 19, 2011

A - Z Geography Unit

I bought this book at a Library sale a few months back just wondering at the time how I could use it in our studies because it looked awesome. The book itself teaches wonderfully. With beautiful pictures and definitions. So home it came for .75 cent(my kinda price). 

Placed on the shelf, not yet moved until week 2 of our homeschool I see a wonderful blog post from Mama Jenn a wonderful blog I enjoy reading with out any extra's.  You know for momma amusement! Guess What???

It was on the book I had so dreamed of doing something "more" with. Well evidently she dreamed faster and better than I because she published some wonderful note booking pages to go along with the wonderful book it self!!!

Right away I downloaded them (she has them on her site in 2 separate downloads). Go on over and download the 2 separate lessons for the book! One extra thing I done for the kids was to make a notebook cover for the notebooks designated to the Geography A - Z that's in the picture above.

The kids have really enjoyed the lessons so far! I also found some Geography Term cards that go along with them with the help of a homeschool friend. Thanks Renita! The drawing of the "term" learned that day helps my kids really apply the concept. 

Its working great for us! So many thanks go Mama Jenn and Renita for all the help on learning Geography A - Z.



  1. Great book and resource. We love it too!

  2. Would Renita have the vocab terms on her site? I have downloaded Mama Jenn's A to Z pages so this is something that I might do with the kids also.


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