Thursday, October 6, 2011

All About Spelling & All About Reading Update

I haven't updated or posted about AAS or AAR since our school year started! So I figured I might should do so just so you know how much I still love this publisher!

First off they have this wonderful new website and forum. They have took what was already wonderful and made it GREAT!!! The reason behind the changes was the new publication of AAR was a lot to keep up with so they combined everything into one place to shop and talk! I like it that way! Visit and register for there site and start learning and enjoying the great tools and resources they offer!

So DS2 is working through AAR Pre Level 1. We are through half way and he really loves Ziggy. The ABC's he already knows however the teaching that the lessons help with are wonderful for him. Teaches ryming, sounding out words and piecing them together... He enjoys this bunches! As long as he is having fun its all I care about! Being honest however it is easy for him. Like I said he already knows his ABC's but I can't wait on the Level 1 soon to be released in NOVEMBER!!!!! 

With AAS we are on level 3 step 6. We finally have gotten reviewed and refreshed back to where we left off before we took our summer break. At the beginning of this school year we also added All About Homophones. Which has turned out to be really fun!! The kids at first was secretly thinking -- Ohh man something else -- LOL. Well they have fallen in love with the words in the lessons. Marie(the publisher) has made it so simple and fun to use! I am very thankful to the wonderful way she has laid her book out! For ease of use and fun involved. If that wasn't enough, in talking on the new forum she told me about this outrageously fun game to let them play!! Its called Homophone Machine, You type in a sentence or paragraph and then hit the convert button and it replaces all the words with the homophone and makes the sentence look really crazy! BUT FUN!!

 I encourage you to read this article. It talks about why All About Spelling works to help your child learn to spell better through this program!



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