Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #6


We have been sick this week so there fore I am late... But gonna rush through!! 

Road Trip USA & Animal Study - We are learning about Delaware. Will post pics of some items learned on Wednesday.

Geography A-Z - Cape & Cave

Read Aloud - Because of Winn Dixie & If you were there when they signed the Constitution.

Science Topic - We was going to be on Caves this week however due to a visit to the zoo for Saturday I rearranged to learn about Habitats and animals in the region however because of everyone being sick we didn't get to do this as I planned but we did some. This week is Caves with a visit to one on Saturday!

Sign Language - Didn't get to this week  :(
 Documentaries - (PBS) Colonial House Disc 1. Just gonna go ahead and say we didn't finish this because after watching the last part it wasn't for my kids to see.... Very disappointed in the way they have to add things when its made for children! Good idea to always watch ahead to see what your kids will watch!

Everyone done Math, AAS and writing and that's just about it for the week. Long week with sick babies and then hubby got to not feeling well...

This week already looks better simply because kids are feeling better!   
Hard to imagine its October!!


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  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that there's an illness going around your home! Being sick can certainly change plans! Hopefully everyone is well very soon!

    We went on a caves field trip Friday. Had a blast! (I didn't go through many of them because of claustophobia! LOL)


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