Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #7 and Whats Going on this week!

Yes again Late!! Lol not trying to make a habit of it however had lots of internet issues last week and even cost myself money because of it with work! Boss not happy with me and I will be honest I wasn't happy about losing the money due to a service I pay for :) Just sayin!

So on with our school stuff!! 

Road Trip USA & Animal Study - We done a review on Delaware and Connecticut. On to Maine this week with learning a little more about their state animals!
Here are pics of the Memorial Bridge in Delaware!

Geography A-Z - Continental Divide

Read Aloud - Because of Winn Dixie & If you were there when they signed the Constitution.

Science Topic - Caves - Going to explore a Cave Saturday! The kids are extra excited. We are also learning about Bats. Kinda seems to go together!

Documentaries - Journey Into Amazing Caves, We also watched many you tube videos about Caves!

Math Lab - Fractions - Learning how to measure half of something. 

♥ DS1 ♥
MUS Epsilon - 3a - f
AAS Level 3 - Step 7 & 8
Cursive writing. Working on writing sentences and stories.
Daily Geography(EM)
Daily Reading - Reading has been based on Indians and Columbus.
Daily Writing/Story editing

♥ DD ♥
AAS Level 3 - Step 7 & 8
MUS Beta - 3 a-f
Review of basic writing skills.
Daily Story writing and editing.
Reading Daily - She reads to DS2 as well.
Daily Word Problem WB

Daily Trait Writing WB

DD struggles with math being fun. So I found this neat Math book that included stickers as the answer to try to make it appeal fun to her. So far she has had lots of fun with the book! She loves stickers and so I thought this may be a wonderful item for her!

♥ DS2 ♥
AAR Pre Level 1 - Step 24 - 28
MUS Alpha - 3 a - f
Writing ABC's.
Reading Lessons(lesson 3, we are taking this slow) He's doing wonderful with this! I don't know how long we will stay on each lesson. We are doing AAR on M,W & F and RL on T and Th.
He is read to daily. 

I rushed so I know I must of forgotten something however here was a look at our week... 


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