Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #7 ((ZOO))

This is what it looked like around our home at some point this week... However the animals belong to our wonderful state Zoo... We had a wonderful trip there after learning about different habitats! 

 Building a Tree "Barn" lol don't ask!

 Welcoming us to the Zoo, We wasn't even in the gates yet and this little cutie was spotted! 

 If you will look real hard one is staring at us!

 Yes really - We even had a learning "class" while at the Zoo.... ((ROLLING EYES NOT ALLOWED))

 She was about the cutest thing... I loved the way she was laying and nothing was going to move her! 

 The Albino Gator!

Resting while traveling continents!

 I think one of DD favorite things!

 This was the baby Ocelots born in April of this year! 

 He was HUGE! SCARY BIG, HUGE!!!!! The picture does not show how large he really was!

 Ready to go --- TIRED...

 Playing a quick game before we leave!