Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Week 9 - Break & Field Trip

This week is a break week for us however I still want to share our cool field trip we went on Saturday! All had a blast! We went to Linville Caverns a cave that has tours to explore inside. I went as a child and it was neat to take mine back.

 Waiting to go in!!

 Neat campfire story about old soldiers finding the cave to try to excape however the fire they built to stay warm ended up getting them caught! 

 Cute little bat!

 Standing over a bottom less pit!

 I think they are having fun!

 Fresh water from inside a cave!!! Tour guide said it was safe to drink and everyone (well not me) took a sip!

 Having fun!

 Another Bat...

 Rainbow Trout inside the stream of the cave!



  1. Wow, it's a good thing hubby didn't see this post. He'd be trying to fish for those trout!

  2. Looks like a fun field trip! Thanks for stopping by the blog, would love to have you link up with Field Trip Friday! :D

  3. Terrific pictures of a great day. I love caves!


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