Monday, November 7, 2011

Back at it -- Week 12

So today was kinda tiring!! I don't have all my normal energy back after my little "episode" 2 weeks ago however I'm doing a lot better, the Dr said it would still take up to 2 weeks for me to feel normal again. Go for more blood work tomorrow and then a cardiogram in a few weeks. With no insurance I'm praying that the Lord is going to provide for my situation. I have complete faith that he will because he says so!

School this week will be getting back to the routine. After our 2 week break and then well me getting sick and being in the hospital I kinda added another week to our break. The kids didn't mind, well let me say the boys didn't mind but DD totally wasn't happy about that extra week.  Tuesday is group day and Gymnastics day as well. Tuesday is a very busy day for me. We are just going to go slow back into our normal subjects and review as we go and kick full steam ahead next week! I don't like pressuring the kids to get back to normal after our breaks because that takes some fun out of it and we all have come to understand that if you take the fun out then your taking love out. I don't want to do that. 

I also have BIG news about me -- I've turned in my notice at my job. I've worked at home for almost 3 years as an independent contractor and the split shift I work has always been wonderful but I have constantly struggled to keep up. As time has passed my husband and I have come to understand I just can't continue to juggle everything the way I have been. Something is going to fall out and crack and well LMBO 2 weeks ago Tuesday that was me!!!!!!!!! Anyway... So we have prayed for this for months and we have finally came to peace with the decision. So The first week of December I will once again be a Stay At Home Mother. I will miss working and helping my husband provide. But in the same sense I am so blessed to have a husband that understands the demands of my tasks. The needs of our kids too. Pray for our family over this decision please!

And last but not least -- I WAS NOMINATED FOR BEST BLOG DESIGN!!! On the Homeschool Blog Awards!! 


So help me out!!!!!!!!! 
and go to number 3 catagory 
which is Best Blog Design and find me 
Click the dot and hit vote!!
I would love to win some neat prize from them!! Thanks so much for whom ever nominated me!! 

Hope you have a blessed week :)



  1. You too? Yay! Congratulations on your nomination! Exciting, huh?

    And becoming a SAHM! That's exciting too! I'm sure your a little anxious too, but it will all work out in the end!

  2. Yeah Im really excited about going back to only focusing on the kids... Past time... working from home has been wonderful but takes so much of my time away... So pray that we move back good!! xoxo


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