Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

We are starting something new this year called a "Thankful Tree".  There are many different versions, however this is our version. We hope to make this a yearly tradition for our family. A tradition is something that is so special to your heart whether your a child or adult. 

November is known as the Thankful Month. Simply because Thanksgiving is in November, However I must say that's not at all the only time I am thankful and I pray its not for you either. I am thankful daily as you should be. God blesses us daily and sometimes on bad days is so hard to be thankful and no one is perfect so we let days go bye without saying Thank You. As a mother I feel it is my job to try and make my children have a thankful heart. Its a hard life and in order for success I think you have to have the right heart. Teaching them to be thankful will last a lifetime. Try this month to be thankful every day for one thing as my family is doing. Imagine waking up tomorrow with what you thanked God for today!!!!! That should help tremendously!! 

So here is our "THANKFUL TREE" so far this month. We add leaves to our tree with something wrote on it that we consider a blessing and we are thankful for. DD was thankful one day for me, DS1 was thankful for food, DS2 was thankful for Jesus and I was thankful for forgiveness!