Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homeschool Really??

Do you ever really get aggravated when people call and ask "what your doing?????" Then follow that up with "oh well you've got a minute...."

Do I really have a minute? I mean really? Kids running around or in the middle of reading or a lesson or a game and then someone that has no respect for "YOUR" time calls to be rude or harsh to you over your decisions.

Homeschooling - Whats the definition to you??
Baby sitting?
Wasting Time?

To me homeschooling is a way to educate my children from the comfort of "MY" home. I want to love them while teaching them "THEIR" way of learning. Each of my children have a different learning style so how exactly am I suppose to send them to school to be taught by one learning style?? That probably means that 2 of my 3 children will not get it and 1 of 3 will do wonderful... That's the odds! And I'm not willing to take that chance!

So this is a call out to anyone that knows someone that homeschools ........ Friends, Family, Neighbors, ANYONE THATS NOT A HOMESCHOOLER...

Try to be nice to them. Their days are spent educating children the way they learn. Not the way the parent learns or what is easiest after all easiest is sending them to school. Its a hard job filled with daily household chores and responsibilities too. Its a job that NEVER stops. Our schools don't start at 8:30 and stop at 2:45. We don't get breaks, We are the lunch ladies that fix the meals and the janitor that cleans up, on top of the bus driver... Understand yet?? This means that they might not always have time for YOU, this means that the home you visit may not be 100% clean -- who am I kidding the home you visit may not be 50% clean. They might need a few days to call you back, it might not be in an hour!


Don't be afraid to not answer the phone. Not go to the program that are at the library. Its alright to skip something every once in a while. If you have a load of clothes to fold and don't feel like it -- DON'T FOLD THEM! Pray often that way you can understand why your doing what your doing!!! I love ya and your babies love ya!!

I was reminded of everything we do - do it to the glory of God then we will always come out on top!!! 



  1. I wonder if I should send this to a friend of mine who insists on calling on T/Th as that is the day her youngster in in pre K:(


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