Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 17

Week 17 - TASK COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!
One more week then on a 2 week break! 
We have been waiting patiently! 
We school year round and every 8 weeks of schooling we take 2 weeks off for those who don't know. This week went wonderful. I would like to say THANKS to all of you that have been praying for my health issues. My biopsy result #2 finally came back and we are GOOD!!! PRAISE GOD!! I feel great after my month and half of down hills, I haven't hit 30 years of age yet and I was beginning to wonder if I would... I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Break!! I will post next week then off I will be...

On to school...

Practiced Christmas Play parts. 
Play is Sunday Morning!! Kids are excited!

Bible Topics ~ Since its very close to Christmas we have been learning about things related to that... Check out last weeks round up... This week The Birth of Jesus & Swaddling Cloths.

Road Trip USA ~  We reviewed Connecticut, Delaware, Maine and Maryland.
We played Jeopardy for all 4 states and lots and lots of review. We also learned more about Harriet Tubman.

Geography A-Z ~

Christmas Party @ Library for our 
Afternoon Adventures Club

Crafts made @ party!


MUS Epsilon ~ 5 a - test (This has took longer than expected...)
Daily Reading Daily Writing 
Language Review AAS 3 step 9 & AAH Review
Perfect picture of DS1... Enjoying his free time...


MUS Beta 7 a - test Daily Reading Daily Sentence Building & Writing AAS 3 step 9 & AAH Review 
Look what DD finished(pic #1)!! 
Didn't she do wonderful!!!!!!! I'm so proud of her!!


MUS Alpha 7 a - test AAR Pre almost finished. 
We have really enjoyed this and since the next level just got released we are really excited. We have stopped using Reading Lessons for right now since we are going to plan on using AAR Level 1. Daily work on sounds.(Hes doing really great) Placing simple C V C words together.  Working on knowledge of fact families. Up to 6!!  Daily Writing & Drawing.
DS2 lost tooth #3 this week :)


  1. Oh, WONDERFUL news for you! I'm glad that everything turned out well. Time to celebrate Christmas!

    What's Road Trip USA? Is that a curriculum? My daughter will be doing US Geography after Winter Break so I was thinking my youngest could do something state-ish. He's almost 7.

    LOVE DD's hat! Did she make it? The colors are AWESOME!

  2. Hey ~ Road Trip USA is made by Confessions of a Homeschooler - AND ITS WONDERFUL!!! Also Yes DD made the hat!! She done it ALL BY HER SELF!! XOXO Thanks for the prayers I really needed them and still do! XOXO Thanks for stopping by!


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