Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Week 17 - EXTREMELY LONG

 Working on Fractions (playing Fraction Formula from Educational Insights)

 Working on Homophones!

 Playing Safetyville (found this game at Goodwill and it teaches safety which is wonderful)
 Playing Fraction Formaula again and I lost...

 Kids playing Monopoly Jr

 Saturday Youth Meeting at Bo's...

 After Youth Meeting my husband went on a driving frenzy... We ended up looking at more lights!

 Sunday after church we got another wild streak... Went to Gatlinburg TN for an over night stay...

 Back in room after a long swim...

 Trip to Ripley's Aquarium

 Watched feeding at the Coral Reef Exhibit

 Went to a class on Sharks 101(we were the only ones there for that)

 We got to touch the shark and star fish inside the tide pool. It was really neat. I never would of thought that sharks are scaly however they are!!

 Watched Sting Ray Dive as well...

 We got really cracked up because while DS2 was petting the ray it actually spit on him twice!!!!!!

 That fish scared me lol!! Looks mean...

 The neat thing about the above pic is that last summer at Atlantic Beach we actually found one of these on the beach... Its called a Mermaid Case. You wanna know what is inside it??????

a baby shark growing!!!!!!!!! 

 Leaving Gatlinburg we saw REAL REINDEER!!!!!

Ok the deal with Ihop being pictured is that DD has begged to eat there for almost a year. We do not eat out much and when we do we have no restaurant like this around for hours. So on the way home we surprised her with her visit to Ihop!! She got Chocolate Chip pancake face and hot chocolate. She loved it!


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  1. What a post!!!! Did you know that I love field trips? ;)

    Looks like a good week, Kayla. :)


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